Silhouette is not compatible with Java. It's only compatible with Play Framework applications that are developed in Scala.

Silhouette is an authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, CAS, Credentials, Basic Authentication or custom authentication schemes.

It can be integrated as is, or used as a building block and customized to meet specific application requirements, thanks to its loosely coupled design.

The project is named after the fictional crime fighter character Silhouette, from the Watchmen graphic novel and movie.


If you need help with integrating Silhouette into your project, don’t hesitate to ask questions using our Forum, our Chat or on Stack Overflow.

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The code is licensed under Apache License v2.0 and the documentation under CC BY 3.0.

Unless otherwise stated, all artifacts are Copyright 2015 Mohiva Organisation (license at mohiva dot com).


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I would like to thanks JetBrains for providing us a free license of IntelliJ IDEA.

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